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Operational Excellence


Reduction of the processing time of business processes


Trained employees at Green Belt level and higher

ROI >3:1

Through the application of efficiency programs

The following measures are part of the Procise Operational Excellence approach:

Introduction of CIP-programs

The introduction of a CIP program leads to measurably positive results in your company. Processes are improved by eliminating and identifying weak points and the company's operations are made more efficient. Continuous improvement of these processes and procedures lead to a higher quality of products and services. This increases customer satisfaction, which has a positive effect on the image and reputation of your company. Involving employees in the continuous improvement process has a positive effect on motivation, and avoiding errors reduces costs. The introduction of CIP programs increases competitiveness and promotes long-term development.

Building Efficiency Programs

Efficiency programs aim to optimize business processes and achieve efficiency gains. By identifying and eliminating waste, unnecessary workflows or inefficient processes, you can reduce costs and increase productivity. Efficiency programs improve quality and lead to higher employee satisfaction. Efficiency programs help strengthen your company's competitiveness and promote long-term success.

Enablement through training and coaching

Through targeted training and coaching, process, change, & project management skills are taught. These are used by employees in their own projects and in day-to-day business to make a positive contribution to your company.



Sparda-Bank Berlin eG




1.000 +


Consulting/Concept, Workshops, Coaching, Project Management and Implementation, Training

Robbin Bleck, Sparda-Bank Berlin eG

It was a honor, to celebrate the success of the Operational Excellence Program and certify the next generation of GreenBelts for our house.

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