Product development

How do I develop innovative products/services?

Design Sprint Product development Customer oriented
  • bookable in-house

Your challenge

The development of new products and services takes too long and is expensive. The number of newly developed products/services per year is too low.

Your goal

  • The product / service development process should deliver more output, faster
  • Newly developed products should better meet the needs of customers

Our solution

  • Execution of a PROCISE Design Sprint based on agile methods (Lean Startup, Design Thinking) at a fixed price
Product Design Sprint QFD, House of Quality Scrum & Lean Thinking
  • bookable in-house

Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) is the method for the successful development of new products or services. DfSS ensures that customer requirements - right up to the faultless product - are consistently implemented. Agile methods such as Design Thinking / Design Sprint accelerate product development through rapid prototyping. This training combines the advantages of both methods with the result: better products/services with shorter time-to-market.

  • Training language: German or English
  • Duration a) without project: 3 days in block, b) with own project: 5 days in block
  • Price in-house training: a) 12.900 €, b) 19.500 € (including travel expenses for Germany, plus VAT)
  • Participants: max. 10 persons
Your Expert
Frank Bornhöft
+49 69 242406619

Fellnerstraße 5, 60322 Frankfurt am Main