As-is analysis and business continuity management

Reduce costs, increase quality

Your challenge

You want to optimize your business and reposition yourself in relation to the competition. You do not have time for lengthy analyses and need to quickly find the right decision for the direction of your measures. At the same time, employees and partners need to be taken along in the change and informed in the right way.

Your goal

  • Transparent status about the current cost situation
  • Identify relevant risks
  • Take adequate measures quickly

Our solution approach

  • With our Cost Quick Check we quickly evaluate your current situation
  • Our Cost Quick Check addresses these areas: management, finances, personnel, IT, production, sales, purchasing
  • Structured interview within the framework of a video conference
  • Record relevant information within 2 hours
  • Result with action plan is available within one day

Additional services

  • Building & strengthening the improvement team (change management, IT security, project management, PMO...)
  • Support of your organisation in the implementation of measures (also remotely)
  • Provision of interim managers in case of lack of critical resources
  • Coaching and training of your employees during the transition (also remote)
  • Optimization of the technical infrastructure for virtual working

Your challenge

Your business model is subject to various risks. You want to be well prepared for future situations and know exactly what your vulnerabilities are, as well as taking preventive countermeasures.

Your goal

  • Assessment of the current business model with regard to crisis resistance
  • Increase of business robustness (focus on services/portfolio/resources)

Our solution approach

  • Implementation of lessons learned workshops
  • Evaluation of the current portfolio in terms of robustness (risk assessment)
  • Development of measures to reduce business risks (e.g. alternative suppliers/ materials, adjustment of supply chain/ pricing models ...)

Additional services

  • Agile product development in 5 days (design sprints) to seize new market opportunities
  • Increase of the data quality of relevant key figures
  • Support in the implementation of measures (also remotely)
  • Coaching and training of your employees (also remote)

Managing risks and seizing opportunities

Before a crisis

Implement early warning system

  • Define and prepare a crisis intervention team
  • Implement indicators for the early identification of risks
  • Create and maintain a reaction/emergency plan

During the crisis

Consistently doing the right thing. Joining forces.

  • Activate crisis intervention team
  • Business Continuity Management (Quick Check)
  • Planning and managing rollback

After the crisis

Take the offensive.

  • Identify potentials and implement measures (cost reduction, supply chain/process optimization, automation, risk reduction)
  • (Re)start cost reduction or operational excellence program
  • Develop new business models and innovations

What can be done quickly to improve your own situation?

Take advantage of our experience to successfully guide your company through the current challenge. We offer you the relevant expertise from one source.

The Business Continuity Quick Check enables the highest possible degree of improvisation with a simultaneous structured approach.

Interview with Frank Bornhöft, COO of PROCISE, about the Business Continuity Quick Check on SWR 4.

The recording of our webinar "Business Continuity Quick Check" from March 31st, 2020 is available on YouTube.

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