Business Transformation

Benefit from a successful business transformation!

Increased competitiveness through the transformation of IT, processes and organization

According to the experience of Harvard Business School professor John P. Kotter, around 70-80 percent of all transformation projects fail. This can be prevented by regular success measurements and agile adjustment of goals/activities.

The aim is to increase competitiveness by transforming IT, processes and organization. This includes:

  • Replacement of the complex, self-developed IT infrastructure with open standards, while at the same time ensuring operation.
  • Alignment of the new and re-designed processes to the new IT system world
  • Ensure that the new business processes meet all requirements and that the organization is ready to go live with the new systems and processes.
  • Knowledge transfer through training and coaching
  • Accompanying documentation of the procedure and relevant results in the sense of a transformation model
  • Measuring transformation progress and managing risks

Our transformation approach is divided into 3 phases:

The setup phase: focus and why now?

  • Our management approach ensures that your organization understands the reason for the change
  • Joint identification and definition of fields of action
  • Key people are identified and involved in the change
  • By working together in the right way right from the start, we create acceptance and sustainability

    The conception phase: where and what is to be changed?

    • Development of vision, mission and values
    • Visualization of the business model using a Business Model Canvas
    • Development of the Target Operating Model (TOM). This is based on the Business Model Canvas and includes topics such as customer segmentation, products/services, processes and metrics, roles and organization, IT and your employees.
    • A joint team of change agents is active and drives the transformation forward.
    • Our best practice approach of assessments, concepts, standards and the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) serves as a basis . Further details on SAFe can be found at:

    The migration phase: how and when does the change take place?

    • Controlling the transformation through effective and efficient program and risk management
    • You receive a transparent status regarding change readiness, change progress and project budget
    • One focus is on ensuring the transfer of knowledge to your employees and the development of acceptance
    • Our implementation approach ensures that the pace of transformation fits your business
    • We help you to adapt the SAFe Framework to your situation and implement it successfully

    We accompany you throughout the entire process, from setup to successful implementation. Our added value is the transparent management of your transformation, including integrated knowledge transfer and proven best practices.

    The following topics provide a benefit contribution for your business transformation:

    1. Digital customer experience and data analytics

    Digitization of the customer interface is a prerequisite for new growth. This involves analyzing the customer journey and its digital structure, as well as learning from data and generating business-relevant insights. We help you to benefit from the new possibilities.

    2. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation

    In the medium term, artificial intelligence will lead to process optimization. It can already be introduced today via Robot Process Automation (RPA) or via chatbots. This leads to faster and more cost-effective processes. We help you to select the right solutions on the market and to implement them successfully.

    3. IT as a Service

    Consumption and usage-dependent models put the previous business models at our disposal. The costs for the IT infrastructure are reduced through targeted cooperation with external service providers. An important basis for this is the use of cloud computing solutions such as ServiceNow. Our partner ProServ as ServiceNow Implementation Partner has the necessary expertise to customize the solution to your needs.

    4. Orientation to customer benefit

    The consistent orientation of the company to customer needs (e.g. with the help of a customer journey) ensures a reduction of non-value-adding work in the company. Therefore, in the future every employee will know his internal/external customer and his critical requirements. With our process and change management experience we support the cultural change.

    Other tasks include realigning the organizational structures, winning over managers and employees for the transformation, gearing governance and compliance processes to more risk, and redefining IT architectures and sourcing strategies. Here we provide support through professional project and program management.

    Our consultants are process, project and change management experts. With our knowledge in lean, SCRUM, SAFe, ITIL and Service Management we understand the interface to IT.

    Your result:

    • Successful Go-Live
    • Functioning process and risk management with project-accompanying documentation
    • Customer-oriented, transparent, standardized and stable processes
    • Efficient organization with qualified and motivated employees

    This includes the following topics:

    • Customer journey
    • Process maturity assessment, process map with role concept and process re-design
    • Employee qualification with integrated change management
    • Organizational Readiness and Build-Up
    • Development of a continuous improvement process
    • Project and value management for control and benefit determination

    We have many years of experience from a large number of transformation projects in industries such as financial services, insurance, telecommunications, energy and chemicals.

    Use our Business Blitzlichter to prepare your transformation.
    Business Flashlights are short films that explain current topics in a vivid way.
    The following 3 Blitzlichter are relevant for business transformations:

    • Change Management - successfully implementing changes
    • SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) Introduction - Agile working at the enterprise level
    • Waterfall vs. Agile methods

    More Blitzlichter and webinar recordings can be found in our Youtube channel.

    We also make your transformation successful!

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