Process Excellence

How do I optimize my processes?

How do I optimize my processes?

With Lean Six Sigma!

Operational Excellence programs with Lean Six Sigma as a method are still the tool of choice when process optimization becomes necessary.

We support your transformation with expert advice and training for your employees.

Combined with agile methods, it can be applied at any time to become more efficient in a structured way.

This is a philosophy that companies are committed to.

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a management approach for restructuring a company with regard to sustainable changes. The objective is a transparent, customer-oriented and cross-divisional organization.

Lean Six Sigma is a comprehensive set of methods with proven tools based on Six Sigma and Lean Management. An organization is trained and supported in these methods.

Sigma as a measured value indicating the number of defects in a process or product. Sigma is the Greek letter for dispersion - Six Sigma means: 99.99966% of the result is error-free (3.4 errors out of 1 million possibilities).

What is a Lean Six Sigma project?

All Six Sigma projects run through a structured project cycle:

DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control)

Extremely important here is the collection of data, which is the basis for any decision making in the course of the project.

The data is used to

  • confirm the nature and extent of the problem;
  • find out the real causes of problems;
  • create innovative solutions,
  • which have been proven to eliminate the causes;
  • establish procedures that will maintain the implemented solutions after the end of the project.

DMAIC project structure

  • Define: What is important?
  • Measure: How good are we at the moment?
  • Analyse: Why do we not meet the requirements?
  • Improve: What needs to be done?
  • Control: How do we guarantee sustainable improvements?

What is a Lean Six Sigma program?

  • Qualification of employees and managers
  • Project selection/processing
  • Reporting to management and staff
  • Standardization of the Lean Six Sigma tool for the own company
  • Establishment of a steering committee and a programme/project structure
  • Cultural change in the company towards a continuous improvement organization


→ The organization is flexible and fast

→ customer-focused

→ with lean, error-free processes

Why achieve Operational Excellence with PROCISE?

Our consultants have over 20 years of experience in implementing OpEx programs in various industries (both service and production). They have a Master Black Belt, Lean Expert or SCRUM Master qualification.

We combine state-of-the-art methods such as Lean Management, Six Sigma, Change Management and Agile (Scrum, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Product Design Sprints)

We support you both nationally and internationally.

Your challenge

Increase of competitiveness through effective and efficient processes. Establishment of a continuous improvement culture with a high customer focus:

  • Operational Excellence is the operating system of a company. OpEx helps to transform strategic goals into results. With the right method, problem causes are solved quickly, measurably and sustainably.
  • You want your employees to learn this knowledge in order to be independent from external support in the medium term. The knowledge should be quickly converted into measurable results.
  • OpEx has a positive influence on the corporate culture: stronger customer orientation, higher transparency, cross-departmental cooperation, change is seen more as an opportunity than as a risk

Our solution approach

  • Maturity Assessments - to determine your status quo and identify optimization potential
  • Design and introduction of OpEx programs
  • Knowledge transfer - trainings, e-learning solutions, certifications and methodical coaching
  • Implementation of Team Excellence or Process Excellence Workshops
  • Development of process management systems with a continuous improvement approach
  • Analysis of data and measurement of capacities (performance management)
  • Optimization of product development processes (shorter time to market, better products/services)


  • Our consultants have over 20 years of experience in implementing OpEx programs in various industries (both service and production). They have a Master Black Belt, Lean Expert or SCRUM Master qualification.
  • We combine state-of-the-art methods such as Lean Management, Six Sigma, Change Management and Agile (Scrum, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Product Design Sprints).
  • We support you both nationally and internationally.
Virtual Process documentation BPMN 2.0

Your challenge

In the current situation, you need short-term support in modelling and recording the required processes and procedures. The result must meet the business requirements and comply with the defined standards.

Your goal

  • Create comprehensible process documentation with minimal effort (remote)
  • Fast response to change requests
  • Adhere to standards for process modelling

Our solution approach

  • Recording of your process remotely via video conference
  • Use of industry standards like BPMN 2.0
  • Provision of the result in electronic form (e.g. XML format)

Additional services

  • Concept for change management (change control, content management)
  • Provision of process architects in case of failure of critical internal resources
  • Coaching and training of your employees regarding process documentation (also remote)
  • Development of a process management system

Take advantage of our experience to bring your company successfully through the current challenge.

Your challenge

Many of the current processes are not or only insufficiently measured. Legal regulations make personal measurements more difficult. This means that hardly any statements can be made about throughput and processing times, and there is also no data-based basis for decisions on optimization measures.

Your goal

  • Statistical proof of the effectiveness of improvement measures and their sustainability
  • Transparency based on real data (e.g. for service level compliance)
  • As little effort as possible for the process time recording

Our solution approach

  • Implementation of a kick-off meeting (also online) to clarify the task (objectives, scope, roles).
  • Automated recording and documentation of business processes without purchasing an IT tool!
    There are no license costs and no software has to be installed on the workstations
  • Introduction to the tool of automatic process time recording directly in your running process
  • Simple and fast updating of work instructions and documentation
  • Concept for communication with the works council
  • Practice workshop: Qualification of up to 4 participants for the independent measurement and documentation of business processes

Additional services

  • Optimization of business processes as a basis for automation

Increase the speed, quality and performance of your processes while reducing costs. You also avoid coordination with the IT department or unnecessary costs for additional IT applications.

Process optimization Value stream map Process Sprint
  • bookable in-house
  • personalized

Your challenge

Current business processes (production and administration) meet neither customer nor employee requirements. Too high throughput times, high process costs/expenses and poor quality cause a competitive disadvantage. This affects recruitment processes as well as quality management or purchasing processes. In addition, a transparent control system with reliable data quality is missing.

Your goal

  • An efficient, stable and cost-effective process (production or administration)
  • The target process is developed and documented within a few days
  • The optimization should be done together with your employees and if possible without IT changes
  • The benefits from process improvement should be transparent and measurable
  • Process documentation is accepted during audits and relevant process risks are reduced

Our solution approach

  • Execution of the PROCISE Process Sprint based on value stream mapping at a fixed price
  • Depending on the desired scope, the analysis and target process development takes 3 to 4 days on site
  • The result is an optimized and documented target process with defined roles and responsibilities
  • Relevant process risks are identified and (if present) linked to an internal control system (ICS)
  • Building acceptance and sustainability by actively involving your employees
  • Combination of effective methods such as LEAN Management, Six Sigma and Change Management

Additional services

  • Execution of a maturity assessment to determine the status quo
  • Coaching or project management during the implementation of the optimization measures
  • Implementation of a process management system for sustainable control
  • Knowledge transfer through training and coaching (agile, process and change management)
Maturity Process optimization Target state
  • bookable in-house
  • personalized

Your challenge

Your company lacks transparency about the status quo regarding process management, operational excellence or business transformation. You have the feeling that there is a lack of understanding for the reason for the change. Current processes and operational structures are only partially known or not clearly communicated.

Your goal

  • Transparency about the maturity level of the company
  • Understanding of the necessary steps to correct deviations from the target status
  • Plan to achieve a world class standard in the areas of
    • Fundamentals of a company (roles & responsibilities, standards, data quality, change ability...)
    • Control of a company (key figures, performance dialogue, committees, reporting)
    • Continuous optimization of a company (effectiveness and efficiency, innovation, best practice sharing)

Our solution approach

  • Application of our standardized questionnaire to determine the current level of maturity
  • Development of an individual maturity assessment (questionnaire, checklist)
  • Evaluation of the assessment and discussion of the result
  • Definition of the desired target state
  • Development of a recommendation for action to achieve the target status
  • Introduction of examples from other companies/industries as best practice
  • Support in implementing the recommended action (training, coaching, documentation)
  • Creating transparency by measuring the degree of implementation at regular intervals.

Additional services

  • Imparting the knowledge to independently conduct future maturity assessments
Optimization Coaching Implementation
  • bookable in-house
  • Coaching Follow-up optional

Goal of the workshop

In the workshop we determine and analyze the current team cooperation and workload. Together we identify non-value-adding activities, develop optimization measures and define responsibilities. A team roadmap helps to implement the efficiency improvement. In preparation for the workshop, an anonymous recording of the activities and efforts in the team is coordinated and executed.



  • Discussion of the current team situation and objectives
  • Adaptation of the workshop agenda and questionnaires to the current team situation
  • Evaluation of the questionnaires (team and task analysis) and preliminary discussion with manager

Our solution approach

  • Presentation and discussion of the analysis results (team goals, roles, processes, interpersonal issues) with the team
  • Identification of internal customers (key stakeholders) and their requirements
  • Comparison of own services with the requirements and development of optimization measures
  • Transfer of best practices regarding the implementation of improvements
  • Definition of future roles and responsibilities with team rules. Creating a Team Roadmap


  • Agile methods for performance management (e.g. Kanban board)
  • Coaching during the implementation

Additional information

  • Workshop language: German or English
  • Duration: 2 x 1 day at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks
  • Participants: max. 10 persons
  • Price: 5.750 € (incl. travel expenses for Germany, plus VAT)
  • Dates: by arrangement

Location: on request as in-house workshop in Germany

Data quality Simulation Analysis
  • bookable in-house

Your challenge

You are facing a business decision, but you are not sure if the data quality is sufficient to make a qualified decision. Alternatively, you lack the ability to quantify the effects of a decision for different scenarios.

Your goal

  • Qualified statement about the existing data quality
  • Key figures with high informative value
  • Optional: Use of a simulation with which different scenarios can be quantitatively evaluated

Our solution approach

  • Definition of the required information. Depending on the focus, this may be the required key figures or the requirements for a simulation.
  • Identification of the relevant source data
  • Defining the relationship between source data and information
  • Analysis of the source data quality
  • Creation of a dashboard (key figures) or a simulation
  • Reliability analysis of the key figures / sensitivity analysis of the simulation
  • If necessary: recommendations on how to improve data quality

Additional services

  • Analysis of data maintenance processes
  • Development of a target process for data maintenance
Simulation Analysis Data
  • bookable in-house

Your challenge

You are facing a business decision and need a reliable cost-benefit analysis. You also lack the ability to quantify the effects of a decision for different scenarios. You are not sure whether the data quality is sufficient to make an informed decision based on the available data.

Your goal

  • A cost-benefit analysis based on reliable data
  • Establish confidence in the existing data quality
  • Comparing different scenarios

Our solution approach

  • Definition of the required information. Depending on the focus, this may be the data required for the cost-benefit analysis or the simulation
  • Identification and analysis of the relevant influencing variables with regard to the desired result.
  • Analysis and definition of the data sources
  • Creation of a cost-benefit analysis, with or without simulation
  • Sensitivity analysis (how much the results depend on the input variables)

Additional services

  • Creation of decision templates
  • Recommendation on how to improve data quality
  • Training of your employees with regard to data acquisition and analysis
KPI Data Analysis
  • bookable in-house

Your challenge

You are unsure whether the existing key performance indicators (KPIs) for the operative control of your area of responsibility represent a realistic picture. You suspect that the effort required to collect these KPIs and report on them is too high.

Your goal

  • Development of a performance management system
  • Reliable key figures for the operative management of your area of responsibility
  • Minimal (manual) effort for the determination of data and key figures
  • Qualified statement about the existing data quality and processes for data acquisition.

Our solution approach

  • Analysis of the existing key figures and identification of the source data including data quality
  • Analysis of the existing processes for generating key figures and reports (actual situation)
  • Determination of key stakeholders and their requirements for the reporting/key figure system
  • Recommendations on how data quality can be improved
  • Definition of future processes, roles and responsibilities for data collection (target situation). This includes committees, performance dialogue and reporting structures.

Additional services

  • Analysis & recommendation for the use of a suitable BI tool (Business Intelligence)
  • Support with the implementation of the BI tool
  • Training of your employees with regard to data acquisition and analysis
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