Product development

How do I develop innovative products/services?

Design Sprint Product development Customer oriented
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Your challenge

The development of new products and services takes too long and is expensive. The number of newly developed products/services per year is too low. Newly developed products are not or only partially used by customers (internal/external).

Your goal

  • The product / service development process should deliver more output in less time
  • Newly developed products should better meet the needs of customers
  • The cost-benefit ratio of product/service development is to be improved

Our solution approach

  • Execution of a PROCISE Design Sprint based on agile methods (Lean Startup, Design Thinking) at a fixed price
  • Our Product Design Sprint takes place in 5 days on site plus preparation and follow-up
  • As a result you will receive a tested product idea in the form of a prototype
  • We accelerate the process from the generation of ideas to the tested prototype
  • The tested prototype provides a valid basis for a decision on further market introduction at an early stage
  • We increase the value-added share of your product/service development process by using lean methods

Additional services

  • For extensive product or process developments we recommend our Design for Six Sigma Agile approach.
  • We accompany you during the further implementation with a customized coaching concept
  • Development of an agile product development using methods such as Design Thinking, Design Sprints, Lean Startup, SCRUM, KANBAN, and SAFe standards.
  • Knowledge transfer through training (Agile Methods, Design for Six Sigma Agile)
Product Design Sprint QFD, House of Quality Scrum & Lean Thinking
  • bookable in-house

Design for Six Sigma (DfSS) is a method for the structured development of new products or processes. Design Thinking and Design Sprints are agile methods that accelerate product development. The combination ensures that products and services with high customer benefits can be developed quickly and efficiently.



  • Overview Lean Six Sigma Methodology and Roles
  • Overview Agile Methods for Product Development
  • Introduction to Design for Six Sigma (DfSS), Design Thinking and Design Sprint

Methods / Tools

  • Understanding customer requirements and translating them into product requirements
  • Develop, test and implement solutions
  • Ensuring sustainable development
  • Tools (excerpt): Business Canvas, MGPP, House of Quality, Kano Model, Design for X, TRIZ, DoE, Rapid Prototyping, Route Plan, HMW, Crazy 8, Gallery Walk, Storyboards, User Story

Additional information

  • Training language: German or English
  • Duration a) without project: 3 days in block, b) with own project: 5 days in block
  • Price: a) 12.900 €, b) 19.500 € (including travel expenses for Germany, plus VAT)
  • Participants: max. 10 persons

Location: on request as in-house training in Germany

Your Expert
Frank Bornhöft
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